Why 100 Calorie Packs Sabotage Weight Loss

100 calorie packs and weight lossYou are at work and you missed breakfast so you buy a 100 calorie pack out of a vending machine. You think hey it is only 100 calories, I didn’t mess up my diet, WRONG. 100 calorie packs may only have 100 calories but they really offer no nutritional value and do nothing for your body. If you have the 100 calorie packs as a meal replacement then you may be setting your entire day up for failure. 100 calorie packs give people the impression that they have only had 100 calories and they may eat whatever they want the rest of the day because they were so behaved.


100 calorie pack are usually processed, refined, simple carbs. This leads to crashing later or a famished feeling. There is hardly any vitamins or minerals, and there is no protein, which are all so vital to weight loss and healthy living. Are the 100 calorie packs convenient? Sure, but so is an apple or banana and both of those offer essential vitamins and minerals, plus you could have both those things for around the same amount of calories. So really there is no reason to even eat the 100 calorie packs in the first place.

If you are eating 100 calorie packs as a snack or meal replacement, you are most definitely setting your body and diet up for failure. For a meal you should be having protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. None of those are abundant or significant in the 100 calorie packs. However, they are abundant in carbohydrates and sugar. When you have carbohydrates and sugars only for a meal you really are just making yourself crave more. The refined carbs and sugars will make you even more famished and hungry later on, sometimes that can lead to poor food choices.

People who eat 100 calorie packs and consider them to not be a cheat, then use that as a reason to cheat on their diet later are really only cheating themselves. They use that excuse to make bad choices and then wonder later why they stopped losing weight when they stuck to their diet. Really if you just enjoy the 100 calorie packs as a dessert, by all means, but consider them a cheat food because that is really what they are. They are not healthy, they are not part of your diet plan, and they are just mass producing insulin leading to you gaining fat.

When you are dieting and trying to eat wholesome and healthy, 100 calorie packs should not be included in this. They should not be your go to food. If you are to eat them at all consider them to be more of a dessert. Really with their carbohydrate and sugar content that is basically what they are. That is why 100 calorie packs sabotage weight loss. People think they are eating something healthy and nutritious, but really they could be eating 2x the food in whole foods, for that same amount of calories.