Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss: Benefits, Safety and More

Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss: Benefits and Safety

Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss: Benefits and SafetyHave you heard about one of the latest techniques to lose more weight more easily? Put simply, it involves taking amino acid supplements for weight loss and fitness. That said, does this strategy really work, or is it just another misleading fad that is best avoided?

We decided to dive into this topic so that we could tell you all about the benefits and safety, along with a few other important things that you need to think about if you’ve been considering taking amino acid supplements for weight loss. Below is what we discovered about amino acids and their effect on the body.

Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss: The Benefits

First off, what are amino acids? Essentially, they’re the building blocks of protein. They can help balance your overall state of health and, more specifically, they can help you build and maintain muscle, as well as improve your stamina.

There are a few great reasons to start adding amino acid supplements for weight loss to your slim-down strategy. Here are just some of the benefits that you can derive from supplementing your diet with amino acids:

Fat Loss with Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss

Losing fat is the name of the game when you are losing weight, but it is the most challenging goal to achieve. Many people try to target fat when they are attempting to lose weight, only to find that their weight doesn’t change or their body fat percentage remains pretty much the same. Why is it so important to shed the fat when losing weight? Well, in addition to helping you slim down more quickly, it will also help make you healthier. This is where amino acid supplements for weight loss can come in handy.

According to WebMD, when you add some essential amino acids to your weight loss plan, you can boost the amount of body fat that you end up losing. A study involving obese older adults found that meal replacements that consisted of amino acids and a whey protein product resulted in better muscle growth and more fat loss. If you are following a plant-based diet, you can give this strategy a try using your favorite non-dairy protein instead.

Consider supplementing with the amino acid carnitine, in particular. It can help boost fat oxidation and improve your weight loss efforts. When taken while following a healthy, low-calorie diet, carnitine can also help boost lean muscle mass.

Hormones Affected by Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss

Your hormones can affect how quickly you gain weight and how easy it is for you to lose weight and keep it off. Once again, taking amino acid supplements for weight loss might come to the rescue.

The right amino acids can help stimulate your body’s production of hormones like STH (somatotropin) that will help burn fat, so it is a great way to achieve natural weight loss. STH is made while you’re asleep, and it improves fat oxidation and protein synthesis. Individuals who are overweight will typically showcase reduced concentrations of STH, so it is no surprise that they can have trouble losing weight.

While you can get STH through an expensive injection from a medical professional, a safer option would be to take amino acids supplements for weight loss. Which amino acids? Methionine and Arginine could do the trick, as could Glutamine, which is capable of reducing fat storage.

Other Benefits of Various Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss

According to FitDay, there are some other amino acids that you should consider if you are thinking about improving the effects of your healthy diet with amino acid supplements for weight loss. Here are some of the main benefits that they can provide when you get enough of them through diet and supplementation:

• L-Tryptophan acts as a precursor to serotonin, which helps you recognize when you are feeling full at a meal.

• L-Phenylalanine assists in the regulation of your brain’s ability to recognize when you are truly full and when you are actually hungry.

• L-Tyrosine will work along with L-Phenylalanine and help create norepinephrine, dopamine, and epinephrine, which can all lead to reactions within your brain that will help you lose excess weight.

Taking Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss: Is It Safe?

If you are thinking about taking amino acid supplements for weight loss, it may be best to talk to your doctor first. Your doctor may use blood tests to check for amino acid levels so that you know how much you really need to take. Plus, your doctor can work with you to create a personalized weight loss program that includes not only amino acid supplementation, but also diet. Remember, you can get amino acids from the foods that you eat, so knowing how much is in your blood and how much is in the foods that you eat daily will help you determine how much you need to take in the form of supplements.

Certain amino acids are best absorbed when taken at certain times of the day, while others are best when taken with certain foods. Still others need to be taken in the absence of some foods in order to achieve the best results. Once again, this is why working with your doctor is highly recommended if you are hoping to take amino acid supplements for weight loss. Otherwise, you might be taking amino acid supplements that ultimately won’t do the trick or work as you’d hoped.

Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss Are Safe in the Right Doses

In addition to knowing when to take amino acid supplements, and with what foods, you should also know that these supplements are safest when taken in the right doses. If you take too many amino acids, they might actually end up getting in the way of protein metabolism and protein synthesis, and you certainly don’t want that.

Injectable Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss

Although you can purchase amino acid supplements for weight loss over-the-counter, there are also amino acid injections that you can discuss with your doctor. These are popular because they can provide you with even faster results, as they are pharmaceutical grade, potent, and pure.

You might feel even more energized more quickly when you receive an injectable amino acid versus an over-the-counter amino acid supplement, but you should talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of this option before deciding if it is right for you.

What Else Should You Know About Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss?

If you are thinking about shopping for amino acid supplements for weight loss, it is important to know that there are two types of amino acids. There are the essential amino acids, which are the ones that you need to get through your diet because your body is unable to make them on its own, and there are the non-essential amino acids that your body can produce.

Keep in mind that, just because your body can make certain amino acids doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take them in supplement form. If you are deficient in those amino acids, adding amino acid supplements for weight loss to your strategy might be just what you need to bring your levels up so you can reap the benefits that they provide.

Here is a list of the essential amino acids:

1. Lysine
2. Isoleucine
3. Leucine
4. Histidine
5. Valine
6. Tryptophan
7. Phenylalanine
8. Threonine
9. Methionine

Here is a list of the non-essential amino acids:

1. Arginine
2. Cysteine
3. Proline
4. Glycine
5. Alanine
6. Aspartic Acid
7. Glutamic Acid
8. Tyrosine
9. Glutamine
10. Serine
11. Asparagine

Plenty of Good Reasons to Try Amino Acid Supplements for Weight Loss

Once you understand amino acid supplements for weight loss better, you can decide if they would be right for you. As is the case with other supplements, though, it is a great idea to talk to your doctor first. In this way, you can pinpoint which specific amino acid supplements for weight loss you really need to start seeing results.

In the end, with the right diet and supplement plan, you might start to notice your body fat decreasing and your muscle mass increasing, and that will help you love your body even more. However, if you try amino acid supplements and they don’t seem to have what it takes to deliver the weight loss results that you want, just remember that there are other prescription and over-the-counter weight loss products that you can choose from with the help of your doctor as well, so don’t lose hope.

It’s All About the Right Weight Loss Strategy

Ultimately, the right supplements, combined with the right diet and exercise program will be the key to your success. It may take some trial and error when choosing the amino acid supplements that you truly need, but it will be worth it once you figure out what works best for your particular body.