How to Calculate How Many Calories You Should Be Eating

Calculate How Many Calories to eat

Calculate How Many Calories to eatKnowing how to calculate how many calories you should eat every day sounds like a straightforward goal. However, it can be much more complicated than you think. There is a lot of misinformation circulating widely across the internet, published magazines, and even some so-called experts.

It doesn’t hurt to build your knowledge regarding how to calculate how many calories you should be eating. This way, you’ll know whether or not you can take various pieces of advice seriously.

To start, you should never trust a diet that recommends too few calories. It may seem that eating as few as possible is a good idea, but that is a quick path to disaster. You’ll effectively slow down your metabolism and put yourself at risk of weakness and fainting. You will also shrink your physical performance during workouts, causing yourself to burn less fat. Too few calories is not a good idea.

Your next step should be to speak with your doctor. If he or she doesn’t actually calculate how many calories you should eat, you will be provided with what you need to do it yourself. That said, no matter what your doctor tells you, it will not be the 1,000 or 1,200 calories recommended in some magazines. For most healthy adults of average height, that is far too little, even for weight loss.

Instead, there are many factors that will be taken into consideration. This includes your sex, age, activity level, starting weight, height and even the amount of sleep you typically receive. There is no single number that is right for everyone. Your number of calories needs to be calculated specifically for you, your body and your lifestyle.

Moreover, you should also know that this number will change over time. If you start to lose weight or if you become more active, you’ll need to recalculate. The same can be said if you change your lifestyle or body in any of several other ways that affect calorie burning. This will help you to stay within that sweet spot where you’re burning more than you’re eating, but you’re still not sending your metabolism into starvation mode.

If you find you struggle from hunger after reducing calories, consider a weight loss pill like Phentramin-d to keep your appetite in check. It will also help to make sure you burn as many calories as possible during every workout while filling you with energy.