How to Calculate How Much Exercise You Need to Lose Weight

Calculate How Much Exercise You Need for weight lossAlthough integrating a vigorous exercise routine is an important part of our life, some of us often find it too hard to get up off the couch to do just what is needed. However, the million-dollar question still remains: How do you calculate how much exercise you need to lose weight?

Recent studies have shown that roughly five minutes of nonstop movement that is continuously repeated throughout the day is the bare minimum to achieve any significant effect, although other fitness experts deem 10 minutes to be a more realistic goal. According to fitness experts, even if you can endure physical movement for two or three minutes, it is still better than doing nothing at all. However, if you can take it up to five minutes, you are guaranteed to benefit from the true effects of exercise.

It is important to make the most of these minutes, and you can later extend the period from five minutes to 10 minutes. Whether it’s a specific workout, jogging, running, or just warming yourself up, go for it. According to the American College of Cardiology and the American College of Sports Medicine, good health and shape can be accomplished with a 30-minute workout or physical activity, repeated three or five times a week. If you convert this into daily exercise routines, it implies you will require six daily physical activity sessions, each five minutes long, or three 10-minute activities, to keep yourself in good health.

It takes around five to seven minutes to experience the endorphin rush triggered from exercise. This is why most people adopt the three-times-a-day, 10-minute workout instead of exercising six times a day.

What Kind of Exercises Should You Do?

Fitness experts believe that although any fitness activity you enjoy doing is beneficial, in order to achieve the maximum benefits from your 10-minute activity, opt for those physical routines that target several large muscles.

According to experts, your quickie fitness exercises can comprise functional movements like repeatedly sitting down in a chair and standing up, picking up objects off the floor by bending down, or keeping an object on a high shelf and then bringing it down. Easy workouts like these not only stretch your whole body but also put a large group of muscles to work. You can also calculate how much exercise you need by taking the advice of your fitness instructor in designing daily physical activities for you.

To benefit from a more serious and intense workout, focus on any activity you do in the gym. Calculate how much exercise you need by observing the effects of your activities on your body after a certain period of time. Run on a treadmill, paddle on a stationary bicycle, or lift some light weights. It is a known fact that once your body gets used to a particular physical activity, it stops having the effect you desire. Make sure to keep changing your activities or to increase/decrease the intensity in order to make your body work out even in those small exercise periods.