Fat Burning Belly Wrap: Do They Work?

fat burning belly wrap effectivenessPeople may diet and exercise but are still unhappy with their appearance because of loose skin and cellulite. Then they look for alternatives such as pills, a fat burning belly wrap, or creams. Do those things actually work? The fat burning belly wrap system usually consists of a thermal cream and the belt itself and the results are phenomenal.

How does it work?

The whole system is based around thermogenics. The cream is first applied, it has a thermogenic, heating effect similar to muscle creams. That cream will begin the cycle by warming things up. Then you place the belt over your midsection and the cream and begin some abdominal exercises for several minutes. Then you remove the belt. Researchers used thermal photography to show the effects 3 hours after the wrap was removed. The midsection was still hot and burning fat.

How well does it work?

Results will vary with lifestyle changes, but those who diet and exercise in addition to their fat burning belly wrap usage will lose more than 2 times as much as someone who does not change their lifestyle. People who do not change anything and use the belly wrap correctly will lose approximately 1 inch all the way around their midsection. In the first week alone you will lose about ⅓ of an inch. People who diet and exercise in accordance will not only lose inches of belly fat they will also be taking advantage of the belly wraps ability to help sculpt your midsection.

What doesn’t the fat burning belly wrap do?

The belly wrap will not help you lose weight in other parts of your body. The belly wrap will not help you burn more calories. The belly wrap is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. The fat burning belly wrap really does work, but only if you do.

Their are so many “supplements” and “diet pills” to help you lose cellulite and loose skin, many of those claims are not supported by evidence or facts. The thermogenic fat burning belly wrap has science and concrete evidence to back it up. Additionally, the general cost is significantly less than many of those miracle pills. The belly wrap has many success stories, and happy customers.