These Fat Burning Foods Power Up Your Weight Loss Journey

effective fat burning foods

Trying to lose weight can be a drag. Between fad diets, endless hours of exercise, and hitting a plateau, it can be just downright depressing. Instead of trend dieting, let fat burning foods make up most of your meals. By applying some fat burning tips to your routine and exercising smarter, you will have more time to do the things you love.

The key to your success will be in knowing what fat burning foods to add to your weekly meal plans. And, keep in mind that cooking your own healthy meals at home can be a great way to shed excess weight because you can ensure the quality of your ingredients, while making sure that every meal is lean when it comes to fat, calories, sugar, and sodium.

A variety of simple changes, such as eating at restaurants less often and reducing your intake of processed foods, can also make a big difference, and they will make the use of fat burning foods in your diet even more effective.

So, what are some of the fat burning foods that are worth indulging in and adding to your regular rotation of ingredients? Check out our tips below, and then get ready to add more variety to your diet!

Make the Most of Fat Burning Foods with These Tips

The foods you choose are important but making sure you don’t miss a meal is key. People who skip meals are putting their body in distress. When the body is in distress mode, everything eaten goes to storage–fat storage!

It is also crucial that we don’t overeat and binge as well, having no more than 600 calories at each meal.

Add These Fat Burning Foods to Your Diet

Fat burning foods are foods that have a high thermogenic effect. Foods that burn calories as you chew, and some of those foods are:

  • Whole grains
  • Lean meats
  • Low fat dairy
  • Green tea
  • Lentils
  • Hot peppers

According to Women’s Health, other fat burning foods that can help you fuel up and enjoy more energy include the ones we’ve listed below. Add these to your meal plans so you can satisfy your hunger and cravings, and so you can have the energy to maintain an active lifestyle that allows you to burn calories and fat to slim down.

  • Nuts – These are high in healthy fats, protein, and fiber, so they will definitely fill you up and satisfy your hunger. Add them to your recipes so you can enjoy them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, you can also enjoy them when you are craving a healthy snack! Just be sure that you keep it all in moderation. Experts recommend around two tablespoons of nut butter, or ¼ cup of whole nuts, so you can avoid overdoing it, as nuts can be quite high in calories.
  • Berries – Delicious and sweet berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, are another great addition to your diet. They are high in a variety of nutrients that can help support your overall health, but they also contain a lot of fiber to help satisfy your hunger and fuel your body. Plus, they’re low in calories, so go ahead and indulge in a yummy treat!
  • Spices – There are several different spices, such as cardamom and cinnamon, that you can add to your meal plans to help make it easier to meet your weight loss goals. These spices can add flavor to your meals, improve your body’s insulin sensitivity, and stabilize blood sugar, while also helping to reduce belly fat. Wow!

Don’t Forget to Include Fat Burning Beverages and Supplements

In addition to eating the fat burning foods that are discussed above, it is also a great idea to make sure you follow these other strategies as well:

  • Fat burning beverages include green tea and coffee. The best time to consume these hot beverages is 30 minutes before your workout. However, if you prefer to have them in the morning to start your day, or early in the afternoon to serve as a little pick-me-up when you are low on energy, you can have them then as well. Just be sure you don’t have them too late in the evening or at night, as you definitely don’t want the caffeine that they contain to give you so much energy that you end up having trouble falling asleep.
  • Make sure to include your daily vitamins in your daily fat burning routine. Vitamins aid the fat burning process and keep the metabolism healthy. Plus, when you take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, you can ensure that your body is able to maintain balance because you’ll be able to fill in any nutritional gaps that are left by your diet.
  • Taking supplements known as thermogenics can also be a good step towards getting the extra support that you need to slim down while you are working hard at eating right and exercising. Just be sure to use these products only as directed, so read the label carefully. And, if you aren’t totally sure if these products are right for you, just have a chat with your doctor before purchasing them and giving them a try.
  • Don’t forget the fiber! Replacing your simple carbohydrates with foods high in fiber (like spinach) keeps your metabolism and energy levels up. Also, you are more likely to power through the day when others will be ready to crash. When you eat meals that contain a good amount of fiber, what you will also notice is that you fill up faster, and you stay fuller for longer. This is a great way to reduce your portions, as well as reduce your daily intake of calories when you are trying to lose weight. Plus, fiber is necessary to keep your digestive system regular, and by removing waste efficiently, you can also work on keeping your tummy flat and bloat-free.

Fat Burning Foods and Workouts: A Winning Combo

If you want to double your fat burn, try applying a few of these fat burning tips during your next workout. Remember to have your green tea or coffee within 30 minutes of your workout. Also, researchers found doing your strength training routine before your cardio torches more fat than doing cardio before or cardio alone. Power to the runners, people who run at least 4 hours a week burn more fat than people who use stair climbers or other gym equipment.

Researchers also found people who work harder the first half of their workout and move slower the second half torch more calories than people who workout at the same pace consistently. People who interval train, (speedup, slowdown) burn more fat than if they were to workout at the same pace for longer. Go hard and make it quick, people who push themselves harder and less amount of time not only torch more, they burn fat for more hours after their workout. Wearing a weighted vest, ankle weights, or holding dumbbells while doing cardio will increase calorie burn by 8%.

Here are a few little extra fat burning tips that will not only help burn fat but will also make your day a little more pleasant. High tempo music not only lifts spirits, it also has been proven to make you run faster, and make you push yourself harder. Try aromatherapy, as people who smelled apple or peppermint during their workout burned more calories than those who smelled neutral smells. So next time you hit the gym grab a stick of your favorite peppermint gum or try using an apple body spray. Getting into group sports like soccer and kick boxing torch more fat than exercises done solo. Don’t forget your 8! Getting 8 hours of sleep is vital for optimal fat burn throughout the day.

Are You Ready to Take Advantage of Fat Burning Foods?

A healthy diet is key to feeling your best. Fat burning foods help you get there faster. Watching your weight is stressful enough, incorporate fat burning tips to melt fat and stress less. Maximizing fat and calorie burn during your workout is as easy as changing the order in which you do things. The fat burning tips listed not only help you get rid of the fat, but also to keep it off.