Top Hidden Sources of Sugar in Your Diet

Surprising Sources of Sugar There are many healthy foods people consume on a daily basis thinking that these would help in their weight loss efforts. However, these foods contain high sugar levels that can actually harm one’s health. Let’s look at the top hidden sources of sugar in your diet.

Healthy Frozen Foods

One of the most convenient food options nowadays is in the frozen food section. Not only are these foods easy to prepare but they are supposedly healthy as well. They have low trans-fat and carbohydrate content. Even though these meals appear to be healthy, they are amongst the top hidden sources of sugar. Of course, there are frozen foods that do not have added sugar in them. To make sure you are not consuming much sugar, you should avoid eating frozen foods that have sauces in them since the sauces are what contain the extra sugar.

Prepared Dressings for Salads

Salads are one of the healthiest snacks you can have. Not only are salads healthy but they are filling as well and have a low calorie count. However, salads are not always easy to eat as they frequently do not taste as good as alternatives. People have adapted to make salads taste better; the most common way of making salads taste better is to add vinaigrettes and other dressings to it. This does give salads a great taste but ruins your weight loss efforts. This is because these dressings have a hefty quantity of sugar in them. A single serving of such dressings can contain two to three teaspoonfuls of sugar.

Sugary Cereals

Cereal is one of the most convenient breakfasts you can have. All you need to do is add milk to it, and you are good to go. Even though cereals are a convenient and filling breakfast, they are generally not healthy. This is because cereal is one of the top hidden sources of sugar. Do keep in mind that this is an issue with sugary cereals only. If you want to avoid the sugar, you can go for plain cereal options. These cereals will give you essential vitamins and minerals without the high sugar quantity.

Prepared Pasta Sauces

When you make pasta sauce, the tomato acidity needs to be reduced by adding a pinch of sugar. However, prepared pasta sauce manufacturers have taken the pinch of sugar to a whole new level. The sugar content of prepared pasta sauces is as high as one to two teaspoonfuls in each half-cup serving. Of course, those sauces are tasty, but you should stick to making your own pasta sauce if you want to avoid consuming excess sugar. Pasta sauces are not the only type of prepared sauces that have a high sugar content, either. Barbecue and even cocktail sauces have unreasonably high sugar quantities.

Low-Fat Yogurts

Low-fat yogurts are a great way to cut down on calories and consume ample quantities of calcium and protein. However, low-fat yogurts are only truly healthy if you consume the plain options. Many people have turned to consuming flavored yogurt, not realizing they are amongst the top hidden sources of sugar. The sweeteners and fruits added to frozen yogurt contain at least four to seven teaspoonfuls of sugar. This can ruin your weight loss efforts. Therefore, you should stick to the plain low-fat yogurts.

If you want to stay healthy and lose weight, you should avoid these hidden sugar sources if at all possible.