What You Need to Know About the Latest Supplement Crackdowns

The Latest Supplement Crackdowns

The Latest Supplement CrackdownsThere are a lot of different supplements on the market today, and they all claim that they can make you healthier in one way or another. But the truth is that there are a lot of dangerous supplements on store shelves and online, and some of them aren’t even effective at all. This fact has led to the latest supplement crackdown, which you can learn about below.

The Latest Supplement Crackdowns Include:


Picamilon is actually a chemical that has been synthesized, and it can cross your blood-brain barrier. This means that the ingredient can end up accumulating within the brain. On top of being dangerous because it accumulates in the body, this substance is unable to meet the definition for dietary ingredient, so it should not be sold as one. Five manufacturers have already received letters from the FDA warning them about the use of this ingredient in their products.


DMAA has been a topic of conversation at the FDA since 2013, when products that contained this ingredient were deemed unsafe for consumption. A total of 11 warning letters were issued when the FDA began taking action against companies putting this harmful ingredient into their products, and many items were detained and destroyed as a result. If you come across any products containing this ingredient, you should avoid them at all cost.


Back in April of 2015, warning letters were issued by the FDA regarding the use of BMPEA in supplements. A total of eight products contained this ingredient at the time, and the FDA believed that supplements containing this ingredient were being misbranded because it is not considered a dietary supplement according to the definition created by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Consumers should avoid pills that contain BMPEA because it simply does meet the standards that have been set forth by the FDA, and it could be harmful.


One of the latest ingredients targeted by the FDA is Methylsynephrine. Supplements that contain this ingredient essentially have labels that are misleading and false because it is not considered a dietary ingredient. Keep an eye out for this ingredient so you can avoid it.

Knowing about the latest supplement crackdown will help you make the best and safest decisions when you are shopping for any type of supplement, including weight loss products. Sticking with high quality weight management pills like Phentramin-D will ensure you will not be ingesting any questionable ingredients and you will get healthy results.