How Your Metabolism Changes in Your 30s

Metabolism Changes in your 30s

Metabolism Changes in your 30sYou may have heard that metabolism changes will occur throughout your life as you age, but did you know they are occurring all the time, not just when you’re getting ready for retirement? In truth, your metabolic rate continues to change and evolve from the time you’re born right through the rest of your life.

While it may seem completely natural that you won’t burn through the same number of calories as an adult as you would as a child – simply because you’re no longer growing – these metabolism changes can become frustrating as you move out of your 20s and into your 30s because it can make it much easier to gain weight but much harder to lose it.

Up until the age of about 21 years, the majority of the largest bodily changes have occurred in the form of growing, puberty as well as mental and emotional development. That said, following that point there are another two decades in where there are some considerable alterations going on in the body but that aren’t as outwardly obvious as those occurring throughout your youth. Among them are some notable metabolism changes that take place right through your 30s.

What is most noticeable about the metabolism throughout a person’s 30s is that it slows down. Beginning early on in that decade, bone and muscle loss begin to gradually occur. It is this process that is mainly responsible for the metabolic slowdown. This can make it much easier for a person to gain weight and, therefore, makes weight loss much more challenging, too. This is only worsened if proper dietary and exercise changes don’t occur in order to compensate for it.

Nowadays, it is also among the most common times for a woman to start to have children if she chooses to do so. Pregnancy, while still safe at this time, does add weight which can often be more difficult to lose once you’re in your 30s and the metabolic rate doesn’t shift to accommodate the fact that you’ve had a baby.

The good news is that with some basic lifestyle changes, you can boost the rate of your metabolism and can bring yourself down to a healthy body weight while keeping it there over the long term. The main secret is in boosting your lean muscle mass. Strength training exercises can increase the size of your muscles. Even a little bit can make a big difference in terms of your fat and calorie burning abilities.