Not Losing Weight Fast Enough on a Healthy Diet? Here’s Why

Why You're Not Losing Weight Fast EnoughAre you following a healthy diet, but still not losing weight fast enough? There are several reason why this can happen, and a few of the main reasons are listed below.

You’re Not Limiting Portion Sizes

Measuring how much food you eat at every meal is a smart move. Failing to do so might be why you are not losing weight fast enough because you end up taking in more calories than you should in one sitting.

Rather than just filling your plate, use a small scale to measure out your portions. After all, even a healthy diet can be packed with calories that make it hard to shed the excess weight.

You’re Choosing Diet Sodas

You might think that drinking diet soda is better than drinking regular soda. However, the truth is that diet soda isn’t a part of a truly healthy diet, and it could be one of the reasons that you are not losing weight fast enough.

How can diet soda make you pack on the pounds, rather than melt them away? Well, according to Hindustan Times, diet sodas are made with artificial sweeteners, which lower blood sugar and raise insulin. The result? After you drink diet soda, you might notice that you feel even hungrier and you end up eating more than you should.

You Allow Yourself to Have Cheat Days

Allowing yourself to have too many cheat days isn’t a good idea either, especially if you are hoping to achieve long-term weight loss. This is especially true if you tend to binge eat when you have a cheat day, as this can ruin the rest of the progress that you have made.

Your Exercise Routine Is Making You Eat More

When you are physically active, you need more calories to keep your energy up. Therefore, if you are not losing weight fast enough, you might want to look at what your exercise routine looks like.

If you tend to work out quite intensely, you might notice that your appetite increases. But, if you eat too much, you might consume far too many calories, undoing the progress of your workout. A good way to avoid this is by planning your post-workout meals in advance, and by eating healthy pre-workout meals that have also been planned in advance so that you can enjoy sustained amounts of energy.

There you have it: a few reasons why you might not be losing weight fast enough, despite following a healthy diet and exercise routine. Making these small changes might be just what you need to start seeing the results that you want.