Phentramin-D Tablets vs Capsules

Choosing a weight management support product that’s right for you is not an easy task – nor should it be. With all the choices available, it can take weeks, if not months to choose the pills that will work for you. If you’ve already found Phentramin-D to be your product of choice, you’re not alone, and should feel proud of your victory. However, there are two different versions of Phentramin-D – tablets and capsules. Each has its own strengths, but with the same overall weight management benefits. Want to find out which one is better for you? Read on.

Does Shape Matter in Phentramin-D Diet Pills?

While the tablets and the capsules of Phentramin-D are small and easy to swallow, those who have trouble swallowing pills sometimes need a certain shape of pill. For those with swallowing issues, taking the capsules may be an easier process. At the same time, the tablets are a little smaller, so those Phentramin-D pills can also work. Check the website where you’re considering buying Phentramin-D, as they will show pictures of the two kinds of pills, helping you to make a quick decision as to which among them will be easier for you to swallow.

Phentramin-D Tablets

The Same Benefits in Different Sizes and Shapes?

One thing you will notice when you see advertisements and order forms for Phentramin-D is that the tablets are 37.5 mg while the capsules are 30 mg. So, does this mean that one is stronger than another? Not at all! The main difference is that each of the Phentramin-D pills types will dissolve in your system at a different rate. The tablets will tend to dissolve more quickly, whereas the capsules dissolve more slowly in the stomach acid.  Therefore, the primary differences between the two are personal preference, ease of swallowing and how gradually you want the ingredients to enter your body.

Both versions of Phentramin-D will give you the same benefits. You will still be able to have a lot of energy without the harmful severe side effects you’d expect from prescription weight loss drugs, for example.

The Proper Dosing Instructions for Phentramin-D

When you’re ready to add Phentramin-D to your routine, you will want to make sure you are following the instructions on the packaging or as provided by your doctor if you have discussed this product with him or her. If you miss a certain dose, you do not want to take two pills at once when you remember. Instead, skip that missed dose and start back up on the regular schedule as per usual once time for the next pill comes around. This will help you to avoid taking too much at once. While you will probably not be hurt by the higher dose, you might risk some unpleasant side effects.

Choosing between Phentramin-D capsules and tablets is easy as they both provide the same amount of weight management support at the same price.

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Because Phentermine 37.5 Isn’t for Everyone

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