ShareFit Diet Tracker review

ShareFit Diet Tracker reviewThis ShareFit Diet Tracker review was written to help you decide whether or not this free web-based program suits your nutrition and fitness tracking needs and expectations.

Throughout this ShareFit Diet Tracker review, you will see an overview of the features of the program, as well as the customer support the company behind the program – Intechra Health Inc – provides to its users.

The following ShareFit Diet Tracker review details were obtained through the official website in addition to user feedback.

• How does it work? – ShareFit is a free program designed to help provide dieters with the strategy, information, tools and support needed to not only lose weight and gain a healthier body, but to keep the weight off, too. It isn’t a fad diet. It is a wellness lifestyle program that helps users to better understand their habits so they can make healthful and informed choices.

• What does it track? – Users can track their weight, fitness activities and nutrition. They can keep a log of what they do to burn calories, how many calories they eat, how they balance their nutrition among the macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates), as well as the results they see on the bathroom scale.

• What other tools are available? – ShareFit members can also take part in discussion groups and support forums, they can read through a library of fascinating and helpful educational articles and can follow dozens of exercise videos to fine-tune their workouts. They can also choose from among over 15 diet plans to help guide them through their nutrition needs. These diet plans include everything from popular established programs such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, to DASH Diet, Atkins, and the Zone Diet, as well as more general concepts such as low-carb, low-glycemic, Paleo, or even diabetic, vegetarian and vegan friendly diets, among others. These additional tools and resources are all available for free within this program.

• What makes this program stand out? – Aside from providing a complete free experience from information to guidance and from tracking to support, ShareFit members also have the unique opportunity to support deserving registered charities. This feature remains completely free and is applied every time a member completes an activity such as tracking, participating in forums or even sharing their progress over social media. These activities accumulate points. Each point translates to another penny charitable donation.

• How can you contact customer support – The official websites has a Contact Us page through which it provides an email address and mailing address. Customer service team members reply promptly to emails to make sure members always have their questions and concerns addressed within a reasonable amount of time.