3 Reasons Slow and Steady Weight Loss is Best

slow and steady weight loss

slow and steady weight lossIt is totally natural to want to shed those extra pounds really quickly once you realize that you are overweight. But the truth is that a slow and steady weight loss is really best for your health. Continue reading to learn why.

1. Slow and Steady Weight Loss Leads to Lifestyle Changes

Losing weight shouldn’t only be about your appearance; it should also be about your health internally. Therefore, a lifestyle change is really what is necessary to achieve your goals of being slimmer and more fit. When you try to lose weight too quickly, you aren’t focused as much on making lasting changes. But when you focus on losing weight in a slow and steady fashion, you can really tweak the way that you eat every day and start establishing long-lasting habits that will benefit more than just your waistline.

2. Avoid Yo-Yo Weight Loss

When you go on a pretty extreme diet that severely limits calories and fat, you are attempting to get your body to lose weight quickly. But this could actually work against you because your metabolism will end up slowing down in order to compensate for the drastic reduction in calories. As a result, you will end up losing less weight, and that may cause you to think that you need to cut even more calories, leading to a vicious cycle that causes your body to begin lacking the nutrients it needs to thrive. And if you start eating more calories again, you’ll gain the weight again, so you’ll end up in a cycle of yo-yo weight loss and weight gain. Not fun!

3. You’ll Actually Lose Fat

Rapid weight loss plans will really only help you lose water weight, which is why you can lose weight so quickly. The problem is that it’s super easy to regain that water weight, and extreme diets don’t really target fat, which is the actual problem. Instead, they cause you to restrict calories to the point that your body will end up using muscles for energy. The goal of weight loss should be losing fat, not muscle, and the way to achieve that is by taking a slow, steady, and controlled approach.

Now that you know a few of the many reasons why slow and steady weight loss really is best, you won’t feel the need to rush the process and potentially do more harm than good. Remember that there are many weight loss pills on the market that you can try to support your weight loss efforts, but a healthy diet and exercise routine are the foundation to your success.