Reviewed for You: Which Smart Scale Should You Buy?

smart scale reviews

smart scale reviewsThe right smart scale will use the latest technology to deliver more information to you about your health than just your weight. But, which high-tech scales are considered the best on the market right now, and which smart scale should you invest in to keep track of your weight for the long run? We’ve narrowed down the many choices to the one that experts currently recommend most.

The Withings Body+ Scale

If you’re in search of the best smart scale, look into the Withings Body+ Scale. In addition to telling you your weight, it will provide you with a host of other details, including your bone mass, muscle mass, body fat percentage, water percentage, and body mass index (BMI). Plus, it is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and it features a pregnancy mode too. It can really give you a full picture of the state that your body is in, so you can set up a new fitness strategy or tweak the one that you’re one in order to get better results.

So Many Great Features

The great thing about the Withings Body+ Scale is the fact that you get so many great features. This is a smart scale that can easily sync up with your Apple Watch, your Google Fit, or your Fitbit, as a few examples, so all of your health devices can be connected for super convenient access to the information that you need about your health and weight.

The scale also allows you to get the free Health Mate app, and every time you weigh yourself, the information will automatically sync up with the app, thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity.

To ensure that you get the most accurate reading every time you set foot on this scale, it features what’s referred to as Position Control Technology that can guide you to the perfect position. And, if you share your scale with family members, it can store the weight history of up to eight users.

Beyond all of that, it will give you a localized weather report when you get on the scale for the day, and it can even help you set a goal for weight loss and then help you manage your calorie intake to achieve that goal.

It’s pretty clear to see that this one advanced scale is really all that you need to make the most of today’s technology for weight loss. If you’re looking for a scale that will help you view your body composition, set goals, and track your progress, this one will do it all, and more.