This is What Happens if You Take Adipex for Longer Than a Few Months

take adipex for longer than recommended

take adipex for longer than recommended

Adipex is one of the most popular prescription weight loss products on the market. Many people take these pills in order to lose weight more quickly and easily. But this product is designed to be taken only for a short period of time, rather than for longer than just a few months.

What happens to you if you end up taking Adipex for longer than a few months? Keep reading to learn more so that you can avoid problems. And remember to work closely with your doctor to make the right choices about your weight loss journey.

If You Take Adipex for Longer Than Recommended…

It Could Be Bad for Your Heart

Adipex is a powerful weight loss pill that acts as a stimulant in the body in order to give you a boost of energy. That extra energy is meant to help you stay active to burn more calories and fat. But stimulants basically cause your heart to pump harder and faster, so the longer you take Adipex, the greater the risk will be of the stimulant effects taking their toll on your cardiovascular system. You might end up experiencing high blood pressure or chest pain, as well as other unwanted side effects. Scary!

It Will Not Work as Effectively

The longer you take Adipex, the less effective it will become over time. This is because your body will end up developing more and more of a tolerance to its ingredients. So you will end up taking the pills every day but you will not be seeing the same results that you were seeing when you first started taking the product. This is why, after taking Adipex for the appropriate period of time, it is best to turn to other weight loss strategies if you still need to shed extra pounds.

You Might Become Addicted

Finally, it isn’t a good idea to take Adipex for too long because you increase the risk of becoming addicted to the pills, even if they are no longer as effective as they used to be. You might find yourself experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that cause you to continually crave more Adipex.

Do This Instead of Having to Take Adipex for Longer

Working closely with your doctor whenever you are trying to lose a lot of weight and whenever you are taking a prescription weight loss product is always highly recommended. Discussing how long you should take a product like Adipex, as well as its risks versus benefits, is also a great idea. This will help ensure that you use the pills safely and get the best results.

Therefore, if you need to take Adipex for longer than recommended, but without the repercussions of doing so, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about that, too.  Of course, he or she won’t simply tell you to continue taking this prescription drug for longer than recommended without taking the necessary breaks.

Instead, your physician will be able to advise you regarding the types of strategies you can implement instead of taking Adipex pills. These may include the following.

Using an Over the Counter Supplement

Talk to your doctor about the possibility of using an over the counter supplement to help keep up your weight loss dieting support.  This may not provide you with the same effects that you would experience if you were taking Adipex, but it could potentially offer you an easier effort than you would experience unassisted.

Do a bit of homework in advance so that you can discuss some of the weight management supplements that you feel may be best for you.  This will let you discuss the pills together and select the one that will be best suited to supporting your dieting and active lifestyle efforts.

Try Something New

If you think you’re going to struggle to be able to keep up your weight loss efforts because you can’t continue to take Adipex for longer, then try adding something new, unique and fun to your strategy.  If you’ve been eating right and using a treadmill on a regular basis as your main efforts to lose weight, consider switching up your cardio for something else you might like.  This could include swimming, taking regular walks, or something else you may enjoy.

The goal is to keep things interesting so you won’t get bored with your weight loss efforts and will be therefore more likely to keep them up. Of course, make sure to discuss with your doctor your intentions to change up your activity level, too.

Think Long Term

Even if you feel like things are tough when you can’t take Adipex for longer, remember that your efforts to control your weight are long term.  Yes, you may be having a hard time today, but one day won’t make or break your likelihood of success.  Look at each new day as a fresh start and an opportunity to try to do your very best.  Even if you’re not dropping the weight as quickly as you could when you were taking the medication, as long as you’re focused on self-care and heading in the right direction, you’ll be on the right track and can talk to your doctor about keeping it that way.