Why Weight Loss Drugs are so Addictive

Why Weight Loss Drugs are so Addictive Prescription diet medications offer a considerable advantage to obesity patients who need a hand in losing body fat. That said, as much as these pills can be beneficial, they have drawbacks, too. The most common type of prescription diet pill is appetite suppressants. Before taking them, you should understand why weight loss drugs are so addictive.

Appetite suppressants are typically an amphetamine-like form of drug. They can rapidly lead to addiction and have a poor track record in their abuse rates. The reason why these weight loss drugs are so addictive has to do with the way they work. They stimulate the central nervous system in the brain. That said, the brain can build a tolerance to these medications over a short period of time. It becomes accustomed to the influence of the medication and requires more to produce the same effect.

However, when someone who has built up this tolerance tries to stop using the medication, it can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Since the body has become accustomed to the influence of the drugs, it becomes “expected.” When it fails to be present, a number of symptoms and discomforts can occur. It is for that reason that weight loss drugs are so addictive.

This is a problem that should be taken very seriously. A diet pill addiction can develop very quickly and without warning. It can affect men and women in any age group. That said, aside from the physical impact of weight loss medications, there is an emotional side as well.

In fact, many people feel that the emotional impact of using diet pills can have an impact that is as great or greater than the chemical influence. People look to tablets and capsules to help them to achieve a body they have been unable to obtain. Dieting on your own without any assistance is very hard. Reducing food intake makes people very hungry. Many experience food cravings. Exercise can be boring and exhausting. This can drive people to build a reliance on these pills when they feel desperate to get better results.

If you or someone you love is addicted to diet pills, it is important to seek help right away. Speak with your doctor about the gradual cessation of your medication. This will help to reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms. Addiction on an emotional or mental level may benefit from the expertise of a counselor or psychiatrist.

Avoid the risk of addiction altogether by speaking with a doctor about Phentramin-d. This may be a non-addictive alternative to prescription drugs that can cause problems with addiction.